5 Jul

Virtual Job-Hunting Tips By Best MBA Colleges in India

Virtual Job-Hunting Tips By Best MBA Colleges in India

Who would have thought in the first place that people would need to access the virtual world to enter into the corporate world?

Some endless difficulties and circumstances have made a paradigm shift in the way of doing the work. This paradigm shift made employees work from home while others lost their jobs. These circumstances have made it necessary to adapt, accept, and prepare for this virtual reality of working and seeking out new opportunities, evolve our lives with it and learn to be successful.

But the way all the companies are recruiting is changing quite fast and so all those seekers who have been accustomed to the old traditional method of the recruitment process should be able to process, adapt and cope with these fast-changing trends in the recruitment process. Well, now companies have learned to move on with this situation and came forward with new methods of the recruitment process. As many of them have developed digital learning tools to give users the insight they need to prepare for the interview and explore new skills that will help them in their interview process. Job-seekers have also started to adopt this new way of the recruitment process and started preparing for it.

Here are some of the tips that are given by the best MBA colleges in India to cope with these changing trends in the recruitment process. So, let’s just dive down into the pool of solutions to solve all the problems. 

  1. Be calm and focused: Even with traditional methods, it is sometimes not so easy to get a good job, but can certainly be worked on it and be closer to what and with whom an individual wants to work. The Job seekers need to be calm and motivated and, above all, focused on the specific requirements of the company.
  2. Up-to-date Social Media Profile: As the world is moving towards the virtual model, therefore the social media profile of every individual should be up-to-date. 
  3. Apply, Apply and Apply: As many employment websites are providing services and bridging the gap between recruiter and job seeker. These platforms providing their services to job seekers to find out the job by submitting their resume on their respective portals and applying for the profile, they are interested in. To name a few- Naukri.com, Linkedin, Monster.com, and many more. Linkedin is a great way to let recruiters know the job seekers professionally. It also helps the employer to know the activities in which the job seekers are involved, to make the world a better place. There are so many job opportunities that job seekers can explore through the Linkedin profile. The only requirement is to update the profile, mention the lifetime experience and skills that job seekers possess. And also, they can get in touch with recruiters working in different companies at different positions. They can talk to them, know the company in which they are working and learn from their experiences. The job seekers can also apply on the career page of the company’s official websites, where the opening of respective profile can be seen. Just keep on exploring different sources, platforms and it is never known from where the golden opportunity can come for the job seekers.
  4. Enhance and Expand skillset: In this fast-changing and dynamic environment, many recruiters want a skill set that comprises communication skills, problem-solving skills, and project management skills, etc. Many learning platforms are offering these types of skill sets to learn and grow.
  5. Always ready for virtual interviews: Always ready for virtual interviews with appropriate answers within the prescribed time.

Finally, to summarise, keep these points in mind: 

Below are three key points in finding a job virtually and acing the interviews:

  • Research enough about the respective sector where a job seeker would like to work and keep searching for opportunities on various platforms.
  • Rehearse once for the golden opportunity. Practice virtually and prepare well enough before the final interview.
  • Respond to the questions with complete confidence and fluency asked by the interviewer. No one knows when this pandemic will stay but one thing that we should keep in our mind that the opportunities never end. It just keeps growing, so take the first move and keep on struggling and knocking out all the opportunities till the right opportunity knocks on the door. Be the first-mover advantage.
  • Ms. Saniya Marwah
    Assistant Professor, RDIAS
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