20 May

Tips for MBA Pre Placements – Best MBA colleges in Delhi

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Tips for MBA Pre Placements - Best MBA colleges in Delhi

Management profession is based on practice and not on information. In order to perform effectively in the corporate world, management graduates are expected to apply the theoretical tools learned in classrooms. In an unprecedented time like this, where students are standing in a pool of mud where opportunities are limited, and jobs are scarce, everyone is quite familiar with the term “Pre Placement Offers.” An offbeat way to hire students, PPO can relieve the stress off students’ shoulders and lay the foundation for a successful career. However, landing a PPO is not a child’s play and requires dedication, skills, rigorous efforts, perseverance, and rigorous efforts. In this regard, Best MBA colleges in Delhi adopt the following practices:

  1. Make your Resume Effective

You must craft a well-structured (tailored as per the company’s requirement) and achievement-oriented resume. It must include concise information about your skills, education, work experience, certifications, and achievements. The resume’s content must be double-checked or reviewed (by seniors or teachers), and feedback must be incorporated.

  1. Understand the Industry and Company

You must be updated on current affairs and news related to the industry you are interested in to comprehend the opportunities, challenges, and trends better. Further, properly investigating the company in terms of culture, products, services, and achievements is crucial to understand how it aligns with your career goals. In order to stay informed about industry discussions, it is crucial to attend networking events, workshops, and webinars, connect with alumni, recruiters, and industry professionals, and join relevant groups and forums.

  1. Ace the Personal Interview

To excel in a face-to-face interview, you must collate a list of frequently asked questions (technical and non-technical) and prepare unique answers for the same. Sometimes, employers want to assess how well you convey your thoughts and listen. To perform well in an interview, improve your skills by practicing day in and out, taking online courses, attending workshops, and pursuing certifications.

  1. Demonstration of Soft Skills

You should work on developing and showcasing your soft skills, such as problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, and communication. To perform well in this assessment, you must quote examples of how you have demonstrated these skills in your academic and professional experiences.

  1. Online Professionalism and Punctuality Counts

You must ensure that your social media presents a professional image. Any inappropriate content that can harm the chances of selection must be removed. Further, in a scheduled personal interview, group discussion, or aptitude test, being late indicates a lack of seriousness and no value of others’ time.

  1. Remain Calm-Maintain Good Body Language, Ask Questions and Dress Professionally

You must train your mind to be focused and calm. During interviews or group discussions, listen to the questions carefully and collect your thoughts and answers to improve the quality of answers. The pre-placement activities should be approached with confidence with a positive, proactive, and enthusiastic approach in the interactions. In order to show genuine interest and engagement, you must also prepare thoughtful questions about the company and role. Lastly, it is essential to maintain a professional appearance and dress appropriately for pre-placement events and interviews.


Author: Dr. Ritika Gupta


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