Hobby Club

Hobby Club

The club encourages holistic development of the students by coordinating a variety of recreational, social, cultural and entertainment programs and services.



Recent Activities "Hobby Club"

Events (JAN-DEC 2020)

Faculty and Student Hobby club is organized photography workshop for all the students of Photography club as well as interested students of RDIAS. The workshop had laid foundation about associated techniques of photography. The workshop was taken by Mr. Virendra Singh Adhikari from Vinee Studio, Delhi

Yatin Taneja of BBA participated for Rap Battle event in Annual fest MELANGE’ 20 organized by Jesus and Marry College, Delhi University. He performed on its own compostion.

Events (JAN-DEC 2019)

Barbie Arora of BBA participated in Western Solo Vocal in Annual Cultural fest UNMAD 2019 organized by TIPS, Delhi.

Yatin Taneja of BBA participated for Rap Battle event in Annual fest SPANDAN 2019 organized by VIPS, Delhi. He performed on its own compostion.

The Photo walk was organized to provide students of photography club, a platform where they can nurture their talent by indulging themselves in the activities of their interest and effectively utilize their time.

Art and Craft Club of Student & Faculty Hobby Club, RDIAS, organized Best Out Of Waste Modelling Competition for the students of BBA and MBA. The aim of the event was to instil a sense of responsibility among the students towards reduce and reuse of what people consider as junk. It was a creative event in which the participants created models by using waste materials. The themes of the event were as follows:
– Sanitation
– Non-violence
– Women empowerment

To provide students with opportunities to enhance creative skills and nurture individual talents the competition was organized for the Photography club Nazaria.

Teachers’ Day is a special day for the appreciation of teachers, and may include celebrations to honor them for their special contributions in a particular field area. Faculty and Student Hobby Club organized teacher’s day internally within the RDIAS campus for all Teaching & Non-teaching staff members

Faculty and Student Hobby Club comprises of 4 clubs: Dance (Veera), Singing (Sur-sargam), Photography(Nazaria) and Art & Craft. The main objective of this activity is to select students for the mentioned clubs. The competition had encouraged the students to showcase their talent and skill set in different domains i.e. different forms of dancing, singing, photography and Art & Craft




Team "Hobby Club"​

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Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies
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Contact Person:-  Ms.Akanksha Bhardwaj |  Email:- hobbyclub@rdias.ac.in