Finance Club

Finance Club

The club fosters an environment of discovery of recent trends and developments in the field of finance and provides a comprehensive understanding of the finance industry.


  1. To provide a comprehensive understanding of the finance industry.
  2. To provide learning opportunities to understand financial jargons / terms and Mutual Funds.
  3. To foster an environment of discovery of recent trends, Budgets and developments in the field of finance

Recent Activities "Finance Club"

Events (JAN-DEC 2020)

This activity was for MBA and BBA and allowed the students to come up with cases linked to finance which includes Debt Structure, Accounting Problems, Risk Management etc.. The scenarios challenge students to think on their feet, exercise judgment, and render a decision toward successful resolution.

Events (JAN-DEC 2019)

An inter-college Finance Competition, for the students of different courses such as BBA, B.Com, and MBA etc. This activity was aimed to enhance students’ knowledge and also to bring out the presentation skills in students with an objective to make them industry ready. Winners were given cash prizes of Rs. 3,000, Rs.2, 000 and Rs.1, 000 for 1, 2 and 3 positions respectively along with a certificate of participation to all the participants.

Resource person from Multi commodity exchange of India Ltd. familiarize students about about various markets such as Capital market, Debt Market apart from Portfolio Diversification.

Resource person from Mahindra Insurance Broker Lts familiarize students about various trends in Insurance sector, functioning of Sector , its Growth prospects etc.

This activity was organised for the students of BBA V and MBA III Finance (Major and Minor). And was aimed to enhance students’ knowledge in finance domain. Total teams of students who enthusiastically participated in the event were 20, consisting of two members each. Participation in the activity was with full zeal and enthusiasm

The quiz was based on the advanced and current terms of finance and economy and was organized by Jesus and Mary College, DU.

With ever changing and dynamic scenario, spurt in competition and rising expectations of recruiters, These interviews were conducted by In-house finance faculty members and focused not only on finance and accounting knowledge but also their confidence level which is a pre requisite these days.

This activity was conducted in collaboration with Sports club of  RDIAS. Students learnt how to design portfolio of various players of cricket

Various scams such as SAHARA , Kingfisher  and Nirav Modi etc were discussed and their impact on banking and Indian Economy was the output of the session undertaken.


Discussion of key Macro economic variables was the agenda of this discussion session. Students brought forth variable like FDI, FII and also NPAs. Apart from these, RBI monetary Tools and their impact on the Economy was also a part of this session.

Organised by JIMS, MBA students of RDIAS  participated and two students, Jatin Bharara & Deepak Khurana from MBA secured second position and awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 1500.

Mr. Rahul Kakkar, Director, Legal Strategy and Taxation’AKCONSIS Private Limited (Advocate-Delhi High Court) and Member of GST Council of India was the judge of the event. This activity was conducted in two rounds. First quiz was held followed by presentation on Interim Budget. The students were judged on the parameters of relevance to the theme, content, presentation skill, team work and time management

The objective of this seminar was to provide financial Literacy about the mutual funds and to analyse the capital market. Dr. KS Rao  discussed about whole mechanism of mutual funds, risk associated with it and why we should invest in mutual funds. He also discussed about the factors that need to be considered while investing in mutual funds and career opportunities. In the seminar students have to present their views on mutual funds

Organized by Egrow Foundation and NITI Ayog , the objective of the conference was to analyse the banking situation in India, examining different aspects, in the context of global and domestic developments. Total 6 students of RDIAS participated in the conference.

This discussion not only covered the basics of GST but also about its implementation which facilitated students to come up with various challenges, issue. Students were able to come up with multifarious solutions and suggestions. This session was surely a knowledge booster.

Organised by Maharaja Agrasen institute of Advanced Studies, students had to make a hypothetical innovative car with in a provided budget. Four students of MBA participated in  the activity.

Organised by Maharaja Agrasen institute of Advanced Studies, this national Finance quiz witnessed participation of 5 students of RDIAS and were awarded with the certificates.

Students of RDIAS participated in Finquizzitive which was organized by Shaheed Sukhdev College of commerce and two students reached second round and were awarded with the certificates.

Purpose of this discussion session was to make the students aware about different banking and financial terminologies, and their impact on industry and economy. Students came well prepared and discussion turned out to be fruitful one.

Mr. Hari Prasad, Corporate Trainer and Chief Advisor, Jagannath University Bahadurgarh was the judge of the activity. In this activity, the participants in the team of two delivered a presentation on capital structure, capital budgeting, and financial statements of a hypothetical company within the time limit of 10 minutes. After evaluation of the presentations and questions answered, three teams were awarded with the cash prizes




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