Arihant Club

Arihant Club RDIAS is an amalgamation of Sports Club, Cultural Committee, Theater Society (Pratigya), Faculty & Student Hobby Club which further comprises of Dance Society (Veera), Music Club (Sur Sargam) & Art & Craft.


  • To provide a range of extra-curricular activities such as dance, theatre, art & craft, music and fashion walk for students to participate.
  • To develop the talents of the students and improve their capabilities and assist them in acquiring useful knowledge, experience and exposure.
  • To provide a platform for students to interact with the outside world to help them become adaptable and develop their own value system
  • To provide the platform to students to develop the value of ingenuity, adaptability, competence & ethics by inviting participants from across the institute.

Clubs under "Arihant Club"

Cultural Committee


Theater Society

Dance Society

Music Club

Art & Craft

Photography Club

Team "Arihant Club"

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