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Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies, one of the best MBA colleges in Delhi is a place to reckon with. The institute in itself is multi-dimensional. While most colleges have just a degree to offer on their platter, RDIAS strives to improvise on the overall personality development of its students, by not only providing a valid degree to them but also creating an effective teaching learning environment wherein students can thrive in different dimensions.

Learning is a process that need not be inflicted upon a student. Learning is something that a student should yearn for by being a part of this blended learning atmosphere. RDIAS provides a platform to its students wherein they can accentuate their skills by augmenting their core competencies.

The very essence of RDIAS is the plethora of Clubs and Committees that it has, helping students to hone their present skills and develop new ones. By offering its students a wide array of clubs and committees, RDIAS envisions to bring the best out of each stakeholder by making them ready to compete in the dynamic environment of Industry 4.0. The institute offers to develop skills such as communication, interpersonal, leadership, team work, technical, behavioral, human values and ethos amongst others by adopting the approach of learning by doing.

Having mentioned so much about the skill development, let us take a tour of the quintessential clubs of the institute. To start off, the institute has an Academic Programme Committee which monitors the academics, ratings, association of forums and designing the flagship Additional Skill Acquisition Program which is a mandate for Industry 4.0. The Committee endeavors to focus on   blending the revolutionary Education 4.0 with Industry 4.0. The Committee comprises of three academic cells- Vipanan: The Marketing Cell, Sashakt: The HR Cell and Finwiz: The Finance Cell.  Each academic club focuses on developing academic skills of the students by offering them events like B-Plan competition, Ad Making, Brand marketing, Budget Discussions and a lot more.

There is a Student Development Committee which looks after all student centric clubs and committees. The Committee proudly boasts of the Literary Club- which hones the communication skills of its students; Women Cell- which focuses on issues related to women and feminism; Hobby Club which hosts an array of cultural events for the students; Sports Committee which promises to keep the students in good shape of their health thereby contributing to the famous ‘Fit India Movement’ run by the Government of India; Dramatics  Society which provides a glimpse of the road shows and nukkad natak; Centre for Idea, Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship which is responsible for providing training and guidance to the budding entrepreneurs; Industry Institute Interface which strives to maintain industry relations by providing a platform to the students to participate and organize the events of various member forums such as AIMA, AMDISA, ICT Academy, CII, NHRDN,CEGR  and ASSOCHAM amongst others; Alumni Cell which coordinates with the institute’s alumni placed in reputed organizations to share their experiences and workings with the students; and Credence Club which boasts of developing public speaking and decision making skills of the institute’s students by organizing events like International MUN, Global Summit, Youth Parliament and Open Forum discussions.

Not only is the institute striving for the skill development of its students, but it also provides a platform to do research by way of Research and Development Board headed by eminent scholars and academicians.

The institute has recently constituted Universal Human Values Club which aims to develop values and works on ethos of the students. The club is engaged in activities that are responsible for voicing the issues concerning the society at large working in sync with its heritage.

Students make the best of the opportunities provided by various clubs and committees to make a better version of themselves. Each club/committee has a student body which works to accomplish the vision of their respective clubs/committees. With each club organizing at least one event on a monthly basis, students get plethora of options to choose from depending upon the skill they want to develop. These student-centric clubs provide ample networking opportunities to the participants to broaden their horizons and walk the talk.

By moving beyond the classroom learning environment, these clubs and committees tend to supplement learning by engaging the students in activities that build their talents and provide a hands-on training in different life scenarios.

Ms.Richa Mehta
Assistant Professor, RDIAS

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