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Even after years of experience, it is not easy to become a project manager. Project managers must have specified knowledge set with job experience. Different skill sets are also required for developing leadership skills and effective communication which is helpful to become successful as a project manager.

Following tips will be helpful to new project managers to find success & conquer  the projects:

1. Understanding the clients: It’s very important to understand your client. The communication with the customers should be clear, as communication plays very important role to become a successful project manager so that different milestones & deadlines could be achieved. With the better understanding about the clients, project manager can make better plans which leads towards smooth functioning of the

2. Realistic objectives: While setting the objectives the project, manager needs to be realistic. Plans which are possible as per the current situations are even better then the unrealistic It is the responsibility of project manger to deal with any critical situation. Project manager can break down main goals of the organization into several parts so that evaluation & execution would be easy which leads towards higher productivity.

3. One step ahead: It is not compulsory that the project goes as per the planning To deal with issues project manager should be proactive always, this shows the competitive skills of a manager.

4. Set top priorities: Project managers should understand the project After complete understanding about the project scope project manager have to set the priorities as per the requirement of the organization. It is required to have detailed specification about every need with respect to project completion then only project manager will be able to set the accurate priorities which is very difficult to set up.

5. Team work: Relation building with team also plays major role in the success of a project manager to achieve organizational There could be the scenario that longer working hours and additional tasks would be required to be done by the team members. It needs hard work which can be achievable with strong relationships with the team members. It takes time to understand the weaknesses & strengths of the team members which is the core responsibility of project manager.

6. Critical evaluation of performance: Honest evaluation is must when you done your job, as the project This increases the understanding about the work done and prepared you for the next project.

Best management colleges in India also teaches the same. You should feel proud on your achievements but critical evaluation is always required. That’s why project managers are essential in organizations.

7. Master the software for project management: It is required to fully understand the required software stack, as a project manager. If there will be something which is required to learn, this is the time you can take a lead. Project manager should give full technical support to their team members, which resolves many issues and unnecessary

8. Leading and taking charge: It is the responsibility of the project manager to take charge of every component in the It is not possible that every project runs smoothly, there could be unexpected problems which is required to rectify on time. The successful project manager should look forward & give proper guidance to the project team.

Ms. Ritu Bansal
Assistant Professor, RDIAS

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