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Making the Most of your Management Degree – 21st century skills in an ever-changing world

Making the Most of your Management Degree – 21st century skills in an ever-changing world

In an ever-changing world that gets bulldozed every day with new sets of problems and pressing challenges, management education has come this far in shaping wannabe professionals willing to make the most of what the world of work has to offer. Corporates are on the lookout for just the right kind of talent, i.e., someone who is deemed fit concerning the organizational culture or, so to say, the prevailing work environment.

With the emergence of ed-tech, skill acquisition has never been as accessible as it is now. What we are witnessing now is a greater impetus toward corporates coming up with tech-based solutions to address the bottlenecks of the educational delivery landscape. This surely is gaining momentum and is likely going to spearhead the notion of acquiring skills that are relevant in the 21st century.

Ed-tech is indeed promising. However, it in itself need not be the only way to bridge the gap. Nothing can completely substitute the enriching experience of a classroom delivery that’s engaging and clearly aligned with the intended purpose.

The best BBA colleges in Delhi say, anywhere in the world should vouch for, has more to do with imparting future-ready skills that one derives from experiences as part of the academic journey.

At the outset, this has more to do with [1]shaping the right attitude in any student, i.e., the learner’s attitude. A mind willing to learn will always be better off in facing the odds of life and possibly the challenges of everyday work.

Attitude, in a way, reflects our way of life and can majorly shape our everyday life experiences, given we inculcate just the right kind of attitude that works in our favor.

Such an attitude has advantages and allows us to build a perspective around the problem we face in our lives, be it on the personal and/or professional front, thus improving our [2]approach to problem-solving. No wonder there are many problems in the world needs the right perspective around them.

Quite often, students deal with different sets of priorities as they attempt to carve a niche for themselves. Beyond part and parcel of classroom discussions, the best BBA colleges in Delhi lay greater emphasis on coming up with a wide array of opportunities where students can reflect upon their creativity and can gain a certain degree of expertise with time, given the right kind of exposure.

[3]Creativity as a skill has more to do with one’s willingness to explore, experiment, seek, and understand beyond the obvious lines of what one believes he can deliver. There’s virtually no limit to the wonders it can create. Corporates today want professionals who can infuse creativity into what they do and how they do it.

Another important aspect of the making of a management professional has to do with the art of analyzing the situation and evidence thereof and being able to reason out the observations, thus arriving at sound judgment i.e., [4] the art of Critical Thinking.

To think critically is where you are willing to position yourself outside the box, and that’s where institutional events can change the game in making you [a student] believe in who you are and what you can potentially achieve.

At the core of any academic journey is how it allows you to rise in your thought process as you now begin to align your efforts w.r.t the intended purpose, i.e., the WHY, of your BBA degree.

The more you engage and contribute to your day-to-day academic journey, the more you grow, and the more you become better at knowing what needs to be done and how you can get yourself to that point.

Any student particular about the aforementioned skills should consider selecting a b-school that doesn’t necessarily provide a degree but an experience.


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