31 Jan


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We all think of acquiring an MBA degree and will get higher packages with a good profile. When you are graduating from the best Institute for MBA in India, you will not just get a degree or studying business and management rather you are learning different lessons also apart from your studies and which are invaluable which later proves to be a good set while solving real-life problems.

Unfortunately, classroom studies can’t always catch the system of professional workplaces and businesses though this can be understood by experiential learning experiences.

You will not just learn theories in your program rather you will learn new experiences are:

  1. Teamwork

 When you start your MBA, it would not just about learning it’s about various projects, case studies, Group Discussions and presentations and all of the activities require a team to perform your task to achieve your desired goals, which means if you will perform in the team you will get more scores. In your MBA you will understand the power of being working in a team, which always leads to the completion of tasks efficiently and effectively.

  1. Time Management

MBA Teaches you how to meet your deadlines, during your course you will enter your class on time, submission of projects, assignments and presentations will be on time, applying for a job will have a deadline attached to it. This time-based commitment will lead you to understand the importance of meeting deadlines. By the time you will get your MBA degree, you would have a newfound ability to meet your commitments on time.

  1. Learning’s from Industry Experts

The faculty in most of the business schools is the best of the lot, though MBA schools give you a platform to listen to learn from industry experts and entrepreneurs. MBA colleges invite various speakers from the corporate industry and their alumni who are already placed in some reputed organizations or doing well in their lives. Most of the colleges have already made it a practice to conduct workshops, seminars and guest lectures to create an industry interface for their management students.

  1. Communication

MBA students get a chance to work on countless projects which help to master in communication, when you will coordinate with your teammates regularly; presenting your proposals on stage you will be able to come out of stage fear as well, which will further enhance your communication skills. These soft skills will help you to successfully achieve your goals with an effective communication. Therefore communication is the key and Management colleges realize it well. To ensure good communication of students colleges time to time arranges communication and Personality Development sessions also.

  1. Practical experiences through Internships

In today’s competitive environment, industry experts value practical experiences rather than theoretical knowledge. Be it internships, live projects, business competitions or incubator programs, the company’s values experiences. Through internships, students develop new skills from the field which cannot be taught in the classrooms. You will get confidence dealing with new situations, challenges and executing business strategies.

  1. Global Exposure

MBA degree not only landed you up to a successful job though it will give you multiple exposures also during your course. Students with exemplary performances get a chance to represent their colleges in abroad projects, colleges give chance to students to complete their summer internships from abroad also.

  1. Ability to make new connections and networks

As MBA students, you will get ample opportunities to make new connections in the industry, you will interact with your classmates, seniors, faculty, Industry experts visiting your college for guest lectures. Also if you are a member of any of your college committees be it Student Placement Committee, you will get an exposure meeting with Corporate leaders which will not only give you great management experience but also business management experiences. So, MBA will help you in developing your relations with the industry leaders. Also, you might get a chance to attend Education-related events, placement events and Institutes also gives you exposure to conducting CEO Interviews.

So these are a few of the learning and abilities you can develop while learning in Top MBA colleges. It might be a case students may not be able to learn from experiences though if students motivate themselves to learn the most out of these to excel in their ability to work and think like a business professional. Their personality will be 360 degrees changed after the completion of the course.

Ms. Himanshi Tomar
Assistant Professor, RDIAS


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