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Key benefits of sports for a student

Key benefits of sports for a student

Key benefits of sports for a student

Sports are an essential part of a student’s growth and development. It helps in building the team spirit and sportsmanship in a student. Participation in sports and games provides students with a variety of skills, knowledge, and trust that aid in the development of their personalities. The traditional approach views sports as merely a source of entertainment. However, it provides a lot more benefits as well, such as immunity, strength, confidence, interaction skills, etc.

One of the most important factors is to understand the interest area of the student and following that make the sports available to him. The student must be taught how to maintain parity between sports and other activities. And finally, if the student is hesitant, it is important to provide him with the direction so that he performs to the fullest of his potential.

However, sports are taken for granted by many individuals. It is often seen in the background of routine life and is not given due importance and it is thereby losing its popularity. Most of it is because of modern forms of entertainment and online gaming. The young generation is more inclined towards the virtual world. Before the social media and online gaming buzz, there used to be huge participation in various sports activities by the students.

The other reason is that students are a bit hesitant to participate in sports.

Playing sports has the following benefits:    

1. It improves physical as well as mental health: One of the most important benefits of sports and games is to enhance the physical as well as the mental health of an individual. Sports ensure a healthy competitive environment. To keep the mind active and engaged, outdoor sports like cricket, football tennis, swimming, running, etc. play a very important role. In order to enhance the concentration level, indoor games like chess, badminton, and table tennis are preferred. The immunity system of the body is also strengthened. 

2. Helps in empowering students with life skills: Sports also develop life skills adding to student’s personalities. It helps in developing a better understanding of oneself and a high level of agreeableness. Students, at a young age itself, learn to communicate and coordinate with people who are not only of their age but can be seniors also. Sports also help in developing decision-making capability.

3. Helps to learn time management and discipline: A sportsperson has a personality trait of making constructive use of time also a sense of discipline. A student, who is a part of any sports, is comparatively more committed as they have to show the level of commitment every day. It also helps in increasing the level of patience. The best benefit a student can get derive is to learn how one can cope up with criticism and setbacks.

 4. Helps in boosting Self- Confidence: When a person performs in front of many people, it provides them with a sense of confidence. It helps in having just the right amount of confidence.

 5. Help in improving leadership qualities: Sports is all about teamwork! When team sports are encouraged, it provides members/ teammates with a sense of identity and belongingness to showcase their talent. An individual acts in the capacity of a leader from one situation to another which adds to their personality.

 6. Helps to teach both winning and losing are a part of life: A student learns that sports are not always about winning. There is an equal probability of losing a game as well. They build a positive spirit. It teaches them to strive even hard the next time to win. A student will know about fair play.

7. Helps to attain peace of mind The last but not the least advantage of playing any sport is to attain peace of mind. It is an easy source of refreshment. It provides a break to a student from the monotonous life.

Considering all the benefits of playing at least one sport, top BBA and MBA colleges in India have introduced sports as a part of physical education in their curriculum. The institutes have taken the responsibility to provide students with a platform by introducing sports clubs and committees so that they can showcase their talent and are also motivated from time to time to participate in it. 

Ms. Srishti Arora
Assistant Professor, RDIAS

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