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How Google controls the student’s life

How Google controls the students life

How Google controls the student's life

Google has been the most used Search Engine in the world on the Internet and Networks. It has been the most Profound Platform for gathering information. No matter what kind of knowledge you want, Google is the place to be with. The fields of Academics, Literature, Entertainment, News, Job Opportunities, and whatnot. Google has everything that a reader seeks Fun fact, Google is not a random place to post from the past few years. It takes care of the quality of the Content, Needs, trends, and even how the page shows itself. That means even SEO is the most active process on Google today.

How to moderate the usage of Google in our day to day lives without hampering our efficiency

Read Newspaper:

This might sound very disappointing and boring but reading the newspaper is better than reading the news online. It puts less strain on the eyes. It makes our mind sharp and helps us keep away from screens in the morning hour. Not just that, it also helps in having a peaceful time with reading in the first hour waking up without the negative vibe of the hustle, and getting things down even when you are not in the mood to begin now.

Morning Coffee with Nature

Wake up and think of why you don’t need to use your phone right away. Once you are awake, switch off your mobile network and embrace the beauty of nature. Be grateful for having this morning and then start being aware of your thoughts with a cup of coffee. Don’t just wake up and tell yourself to Google what’s the temperature, or what is new in today’s market or what are the prices for shares, etc. Be in the moment, ignore your Digital media and live freely in nature.

Celebration of Boredom

Feel happy that you have time to be bored. Many around you are so caught up in searching for things related to career, Job and what not. Feel blessed to have at least 2-3 hours to yourselves when you are doing nothing but just working on your mind. Be it sitting idle or listening to all the songs which make you dance, Work your Boredom out in a positive way..

Focus on Screen Time

Keep Tracking Your Screen Time. Now, this might seem like throwing a truth bomb on oneself but you have to keep observing your screen time and precisely Google time to see how many minutes are getting caught up while working on Google in the total 24 hours.

Detox for 3 Hours:

Give yourself a break from being on Google. Just don’t search for anything for straight 3 hours. Even if it’s urgent, don’t do that. Be at peace for a little while. Work in things that don’t require an internet connection. Find time to read, write and even gain knowledge apart from Google. This might seem tough for a while but then observe how the duration rises from 3 hours to 10 hours and then more.

Along with these habits, the below-mentioned tips will help you get some insights on Mindful Browsing,  Which are :

  • Use Keywords on exactly what you want to know about.
  • Search for one word or other based on your topic.
  • Use + as an Operator.
  • Exclude Unnecessary Words
  • Search via Synonyms
  • Explore in varied places
  • If words don’t work, use relevant phrases.
  • Use Google’s Advanced Search Page.
  • Search within what results from you have got.
  • Search for more extensions of Google-like Blogs, Videos, etc.

So these were some of the ways to make the best use out of Google and make sure the purpose is served in the meantime. Whether you are in a college or High School, these ways help you get the optimum usage of Google. Along with such benefits, It helps one decrease the dependency which is solely on Google to implement. It will help you think of the time spent on Google and its impact on the day-to-day life of Students. Although the usage of Google is far vaster than what it seems in the life of Students and it will be peculiarly tough to repel it for longer hours. But we all win when we are determined and hence it is better to be stuck to not using Google until and unless our Brain is tired of exploring and thinking, which is next to impossible. Now next time whenever you feel Google should be open to know something, ask the question to yourself thrice and see how your brain functions. It won’t answer anything at once that is 100% probability but it’s going to be better to understand your brain and sharpen its skills than ignoring and relying solely on Google for the most primitive questions and tasks.


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