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The world has turned upside down after the pandemic conquering the complete year of 2020. From all the dimensions, The sphere got destroyed. Above all, the most disturbing area was Education. Everything started to fall apart. Lectures started happening on screens, Exams without pen and paper, Learning processes via Pdfs and Audios than Physical presence and whatnot. The Educational Sector has been transformed Exclusively because of Covid-19. Let’s have a look at how Best MBA Colleges in India have tackled the concern.

Fun Fact, Though the systems have become quite lenient and random, Some things have transformed remarkably and eventually showed a higher rate of participation than the normal routine training and teachings.

In this article, We will talk about How Education Changed and now looks like post-Covid-19. We will see how Desperate times can lead to desperate measures. Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies has always been found working profoundly in the field of Management Studies. It is one of the finest B-schools in the Nation. It has always been adaptive to new reforms and cultures to enhance the learning patterns and teaching convenience. Some of the most wonderful additional aspects of RDIAS to look for in 2021 are beyond fabulous and are some major highlights of being the Top Most College in Delhi.

RDIAS has taken up several initiatives to make the entire learning experience a smooth one, even during the days of pandemic lockdown. The students were made to attend numerous events, expert sessions, and even fun events VIRTUALLY in the state of the pandemic.

We believe that Learning is an exclusive process that should never stop. Hence, let’s now look at some which about how we ensure and will keep on ensuring to deliver a stellar learning experience to our students.

1. Industrial Visits

Industrial Visits in a college is defined as the Tour organized by College or Institution to ensure real-time experience and knowledge for the sight and experience like never before.

RDIAS organizes such trips and tours now and then to make sure the students experience a profound experience of learning. RDIAS so far have been visiting the organizations like Gopaljee, Parle G, and Yakult as well. These Visits have been exclusively based on Learning and implementation of Business Studies. In the world of Studies and Curriculum, RDIAS focuses on Experiences and Real-Time Industry Relevant Learning.

But during the pandemic, this wonderful industry insight has come to a halt for all major B- Schools of the nation. But as normalcy seeps in, it is more likely that the barrier to travel and meet would get stretched, and eventually, industrial visits would come back in the game.

2. Guest Lectures and Alumni Connect

Normal and routinized education is not enough when we are setting up foundations of management education. Just knowing several concepts at heart, won’t make students equipped to tackle and beat down the challenges of the real world.

That’s why, the due focus should be on bestowing the young minds with additional skills and learnings, which they directly grab from the real industry spokesperson. Our effort to rise out as the Top BBA College in Delhi NCR has been keeping us on our toes, and so RDIAS took every effort to foster young talents by including our learning pedagogy with guest lectures and alumni connect.

During and post-pandemic times, the effort has still been going strong. Instead of live-real time appearances, the same has been shifted to virtual platforms, utilizing the weekends in the best spirits. The students had gotten the chance to learn, and interact with industry pioneers and there seems no stopping to the learning. Not just that, There were so many lectures on Cryptocurrency, Union Budget, Digital Marketing, and Corporate Readiness, etc. Now that’s! Commendable.

3. Corporate Training Programme

It is very essential to develop the right skills during your college time to get the most out of the education. Having a degree is not enough, if you learned nothing rather just ended up cramming the entire book. One of the most important skills that are required at this point of education is corporate readiness. It is not a hidden fact that the corporate world is massively different than what students experience in their college times. More than just concepts, it is the mindset shift that needs to take place.

There are several MBA Colleges in Delhi, but how many of them are actually catering to this dire need?

RDIAS takes pride to have a separate program execution for this requirement. The Corporate Training Program division instills in students the skills, mindset, and power which would help them sail through work-life seamlessly.

With the advent of Corona TImes, the CTP would shift to an online mechanism, making students work ready even in this dynamic digital world. Activities ranging from Video Resumes to Preparations for Online GD/PI, all would be taken care of in an effective manner. CTP enables students thoroughly to realize their qualities and become able to REFLECT upon the Industry Readiness. Fun Fact, it even allows students to be clear-headed and helps them explore the WHY behind their Career Choices.

4. Managerial Skill Development

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University pays special emphasis to instill Managerial Skills in its young graduates. That’s why its syllabus is packed with this amazing section known as Managerial Skill Development. All the Best MBA Colleges in India are presently focusing to foster skills through meaningful interventions.

Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies gives due importance to MSD as a subject, because it lets students experience the power of skill-set, all within a classroom. Now, things have been virtual, therefore conventional training switched to Online Group Discussions, Extempores over Google Meets, Teaching students about the presentation, email etiquettes, and what not.

The shift has indeed been a transformation, but the value has been growing incremental. Now, students are imbibing skills not only for in-office times but to win the games of virtual work life as well.

These above-mentioned activities are not only the forms of overall development, but it focuses on even more than that. Being one of the Best BBA Colleges in Delhi NCR, RDIAS prepares a student to have a versatile mindset towards the budding corporate world. Such professional onset, Removes the Fear of Companies and Recruiters by continuous practices and knowledge about the outer world.

In this article, We talked about several initiatives that are being taken up by multiple MBA Colleges in Delhi to foster managerial skill, professional mindset and to help students win at life in real or virtual times.

These Practices work prominently to help a student not get affected by the Pandemic practices but rather grow under the unique techniques and practices executed by the institution to make the student have his or her head high and walk with confidence and wisdom. We all know the Corporate World seems like a scary place but when a student is prepared thoroughly from these ways, No one can beat the talents of a student who is well prepared and certain of his weaknesses and strengths.

Nothing is more satisfying than witnessing an interview where a student is confident enough to address himself or herself in an Interview. That is only possible when the person has gone through the process a hundred times and polishes his or her lessons like never before. Not just Mock interviews, but Constant revision of the Curriculum to stay acknowledged also amps up the chances of selection too.

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