17 May

How an MBA program challenges and changes you

How an MBA program challenges and changes you

How an MBA program challenges and changes you

The increased competitiveness in the job market requires a paradigm shift in the skills and competence of the prospective candidates. In this regard, MBA programs perform a pivotal role in augmenting the career advancement of individuals who are aspiring for a financially satisfying and emotionally balanced professional life. In addition to imparting the students with the required subject knowledge and training, enrolling in an MBA program can be a life-changer decision for aspiring individuals in a significant manner. Further, the article enumerates different ways through which an MBA degree assists you in acquiring indispensable traits which are crucial for climbing up that success ladder.

Magnifies Student’s Self Confidence Coming forward and putting across your opinions in a class filled with bright people is the initial step to build up your self-confidence. An MBA program will offer you several instances for coming out of your comfort zone and presenting your thoughts boldly. Remember, it is not only about what you say but also about how you say it.

Inculcate a sense of self-discipline

Adhering to a diligent study plan and staying away from all the distractions is a fundamental requisite to complete an MBA program. So the art of developing self-discipline becomes vital for shaping a balanced personal and professional life.

Enhance your strategic and decision making skills

The foundational component of an MBA problem is the development of strategic thinking which will help in coming up with novel ways to deal with real-life business problems. The well-designed training module helps you in shape your abilities, develop logical thinking, and augment your confidence in dealing with diverse business challenges.

Ameliorate your communication skills 

In today’s hectic era, we devote a greater amount of emphasis on sharing meaningful information which calls out for having skilled communication skills. As communication is central to every sphere of your life, it should not be overlooked. Thereby, most MBA programs heavily focus on uplifting communication skills by conducting necessary and vital training sessions.

Learning to lead

An MBA program not only instills the requisites for being a part of the team but also inculcates the art of developing yourself into a great leader. The diverse management and training modules of the MBA program offer numerous opportunities for uplifting your communication, listening, and directing skills which nurtures you to be an inspiring leader.

Learn to Multitask and intensify your time management skills

An MBA program requires you to perform a list of activities ranging on a broad spectrum from preparing for your examinations to fulfilment of project reports to prepping for the upcoming campus interviews. Learning how to juggle between various to-do activities instills the art of effective time management. This further enables individuals to achieve success in various spheres of life. Students opting for an MBA program from the top B Schools of India master the art of fulfilling various assigned tasks by prioritizing their work according to their respective importance by mastering the art of proper time management.

Develop and Broaden your Professional Network

Students during their tenure of MBA course come across several business professionals and corporate leaders. During these interactions, students can develop their strong professionals connections through various social media platforms. Moreover, strong relationships can be established with their peers and seniors during the course that can reap numerous future benefits. Lastly, your professors will be the most significant connection due to their rich industrial experience and abundance of subject knowledge. Besides, their recommendation of the best and talented students to the companies, they assist the students in getting the optimum and suitable opportunities too.

Increased Credibility

The value of an MBA student is well recognized by the companies. It gives signals to the valuable business leaders, firms, and clients that you have a blend of subject knowledge and business problem-solving skills that enhance your skillset. So now whether you apply for a job, conduct client meetings, or brief colleagues for a project, having an MBA degree certainly adds weight to your perspective and paves the way for career advancement.

Amplify your Earning potential

One of the most lucrative and attractive life-changing aspects of an MBA degree is the enhanced earning potential. Advancement in your salary is a great booster for the initial investment that an MBA program requires.

Ms. Taanika Arora
Assistant Professor, RDIAS

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