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How a Student undergoes training in life skills at the top BBA college in Delhi NCR?

How a Student undergoes training in life skills at the top BBA college in Delhi NCR

How a Student undergoes training in life skills at the top BBA college in Delhi NCR?

Looking for the top BBA colleges in Delhi and want to know what features make them the top most must read this. 

90 % of your life is how you respond to it, and 10% is what happens without any response. According to the University Grant Commission’s (UGC) Quality Mandate, UGC must take steps to provide life skills 1 (including soft skills) to students enrolled in institutions of higher education, particularly at the undergraduate level.

Life skills, despite being intangible, have a crucial role in boosting students’ employability and self-esteem. All the top BBA colleges in Delhi are following these life skill guidelines to prepare them for real life. For teaching them life skills, UGC has categorized it into four parts:

  1. Communication Skill: A strong communication skill base is vital for learners and the efficient operation of an organization in today’s age of computers and digital media.
  2. Professional Skills: This skill empowers me to face the interview, participate in group discussions, make an appropriate CV, etc. It signifies the importance on how to explore career opportunities for them.
  3. Leadership and Management Skill: Leaders are the basis of society, facing and triumphing over adversity and life’s odds. They show others the way and develop into inspirational role models through their words and deeds, having a profound impact on social life. In today’s world of cutthroat rivalries, skepticism in morals, and techno-centric complex lifestyles, it’s critical to highlight the ‘human’ agency in community living.
  4. Universal Human Values: Universal human values are ideals that people cherish and hold in common, consciously or unconsciously, in almost all places and periods and that they practice.

With the advent of the UGC in 2019, we can see the top BBA colleges in Delhi NCR are indeed the ones with all of these talents to develop a person who can be an entrepreneur, a manager in a top company, and so on. The top BBA colleges in Delhi NCR have sessions to build all these abilities in the course, with case studies assigned to each student to help them improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The primary goal is to create a market network that will aid in the company’s growth. In terms of expansion, the larger your network, the larger your company will become.

Students at top BBA colleges have the opportunity to improve their life skills so that they can graduate as skilled individuals. Students should maintain an entrepreneurial mindset and keep working on it, as this will aid in developing an entrepreneurial mindset behind each initiative.

After many regressive skill-based activities with the curriculum, top BBA colleges hold various skill-based competitions that function as chisels on them and turn them into diamonds. Skills help us in responding to our life, which plays a significant role in our life too.

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