UPCOMING FDP/MDP/Workshop/Webinar CALENDAR 2022-23

Event TypePROGRAM NAMEINCHARGE(S)DATE (DD:MM:.YYYY)Download Brochure/SynopsisRegistration Link
WorkshopManage your Digital Footprints :Personal Branding for Students 2022 TrendsDr Radhika Thapar and Ms. Bhawna Deewan17/09/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopComputerised Accounting systems using Tally. Erp9Ms Saniya Marwah20/09/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopData Visualization through TableauMs.Sonali Arora and Ms. Shikha Dua24/09/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopDesign Thinking, and Innovation for BusinessMs. Akansha Rehani and Dr. Upasana Diwan26/09/2022DownloadVisit
WebinarRole of e-commerce in India (New Technologies)Ms. Nisha Yadav24/09/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopHow to crack a Problem Solving Case bases Interview QuestionsMs. Akansha Rehani13/10/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopSustainable MobilityMs. Deepika15/10/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopImpactful writing of BBA & MBA research projectsMs. Aarti Sehgal15/10/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopFemvertising the new genre in marketingMs. Pratibha Arora20/10/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopUniversal Human Values (Role of Education)Ms. Akansha Rehani and Ms. Himanshi20/10/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopBasics of Economic Order Quantity Inventory Model using Ms-ExcelMs. Saniya Marwah19/10/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopBasics of SPSSMs. Himanshi and Ms. Uday Sharma31/10/2022DownloadVisit
webinarRBI and its policiesMs. Jiya Wadhwa16/11/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopCompany Valuation and Financial Modeling 2.0Ms. Akansha Rehani and Dr. Upasana Diwan18/11/2022DownloadVisit
WebinarCareer opportunities in Corporate Sales & MarketingMs . Taruna Chopra25/11/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopExcel Skills for Business SpecializationDr. Akanksha Upadhyaya and Ms. Disha Garg25/11/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopFundamentals of Research MethodologyMs. Ritika Gupta and Ms. Shilpa Bhandari26/11/2022DownloadVisit
WebinarFinancial Planning for Young AdultsMs. Shikha Dua and Ms. Anushree Ganguly26/11/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopHR Analytics: A statistical approach towards defining HR functionsMs. Aarti Seghal26/11/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopLead by listeningMs. Uday Sharma27/11/2022DownloadVisit
WebinarStress &Time Management for Better PerformanceMs Renu Jakhar29/11/2022DownloadVisit
WebinarMechanism of Goods and Services TaxMs Saniya Marwah30/11/2022DownloadVisit
MDPDigitise or Die : Make Your Creativity & Voice Count.Dr Radhika Thapar and Ms.Bhawna Dewan03/12/2022DownloadVisit
MDPDynamic Dashboards using Excel and Google Data StudioMs. Sunakshi Mahajan05/12/2022DownloadVisit
WebinarScope of big data in modern day industryMs. Nisha Yadav10/12/2022DownloadVisit
webinarGreen Supply chain ManagementMr. Ankur Tayal12/12/2022DownloadVisit
WorkshopCompetency Mapping for Becoming Better EmployeesMs. Surbhi Pahuja and Ms. Rupakshi Gaur06/01/2023DownloadVisit
WebinarHearing the unspoken words: Understanding the body languageMs. Pratibha Arora09/01/2023DownloadVisit
FDPTime Series Data using EviewsDr. Ruhee Mittal and Ms. Anushree Ganguly10/01/2023DownloadVisit
MDPVisualizing Data with Power BIDr. Amandeep Kaur and Ms. Disha Garg20/01/2023DownloadVisit
WebinarCorporate Social Responsibility step towards brand buildingMs. Namrata Jain21/01/2023DownloadVisit
WebinarAI EthicsMs. Nisha Yadav and Ms. Sunakshi Mahajan30/01/2023DownloadVisit
WebinarClimate change and IndiaMs. Jiya Wadhwa02/02/2023DownloadVisit
WorkshopSystematic Literature Review and Bibliometric AnalysisMs. Abha Gupta and Dr. Anshu Tyagi04/02/2023DownloadVisit
WorkshopSuit Up! Business Etiquette WorkshopMs. Srishti Arora and Ms. Sonali Arora17/02/2023DownloadVisit
WebinarImportance of Human rights educationMs. Namrata Jain25/02/2023DownloadVisit
WorkshopAI4ALLMs. Deepika02/03/2023DownloadVisit
WorkshopEmotions and YouMs. Rupakshi Gaur17/03/2023DownloadVisit
WorkshopImplications of NVivo for Qualitative ResearchMs. Aarti Sehgal and Ms. Disha Garg17/03/2023DownloadVisit
WorkshopStatistics through Stata SoftwareMS. Divya18/03/2023DownloadVisit
FDPWriting a Bibliometric PaperMs. Pratibha Arora03/04/2023DownloadVisit
WebinarThe Role of Team Building in OrganisationsMs. Renu Jakhar and Ms. Surbhi Pahuja04/04/2023DownloadVisit
WorkshopHow to create your USP: Doing what is right, not what is easyMs. Rupakshi Gaur Ms. Uday Sharma07/04/2023DownloadVisit
WebinarThe future is hybrid: Tangent towards Corporate ExposureMs. Sunakshi and Ms. Deepika15/4/2023DownloadVisit
MDPEmotional Intelligence a Key to Stress ManagementDr. Neha Yadav and Ms. Renu Jakhar03/06/2023DownloadVisit
WorkshopDesign awesome graphics with the popular design toolsDr Radhika Thapar and Ms.Bhawna Dewan03/06/2023DownloadVisit
FDPOne week FDP on Quality Assurance in higher education with special reference to affiliated institutionsDr. Nidhi Sharma, Mr. Deepak Chhabra and Ms. Disha Garg26/6/2023DownloadVisit


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