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Ever thought about being a great leader?

Well, many of us tend to frame a timeline for whatever work we need to accomplish. It goes without saying that the timeframe varies from one person to another, it can also not be ignored that the sooner you start working towards your goal, the sooner you will be able to achieve it. For some may yearn to top the ladder of success in a short period, let’s say five years, there might be others who may adopt the tortoise walk, slow and steady and not giving up, even if it may take ten or fifteen or twenty or for that matter any number of years. No matter how much time you take, just remember one thing that whatever you do, have a niche in it.

Talking of being a great boss/leader in a short span of time (let’s say five years) it is essential to understand the nuances of leadership. A leader may not always be a successful person but he/she will definitely be an extraordinary one. This brings the focus to all those fashionable management styles which are being adopted by bosses all around the globe. Be it agile leadership or reflective leadership or tribal leadership or to that matter even servant leadership, these trends are not only being followed but also acceptable worldwide to be a great boss. While leadership fad is the talk of the industry, there are certain principles that need to be followed to be at the top of the ladder.

The answer lies within. Being a boss is easy but being a leader is cumbersome. A boss is bitten by the bug of self-proclamation but a leader is always celebrating the team. So how exactly to bring in this paradigm shift? With one-third of the day being spent doing official work, a great boss is a blessing in disguise.

To be a great leader/boss, we need to imbibe certain skills. The basket of skills may be loaded with building interpersonal skills, team spirit, creativity, open communication, decision making, storytelling amongst others. The success depends upon what you fill your basket with. 

Open communication is the route to the best team. The way you inspire and motivate your very own people is the key to being a great boss. Have a vision for yourself and your team. Make sure that vision matches with the ultimate goal that needs to be accomplished. But is it enough to have a good vision? Or do we require anything else to float? Having a great vision is one thing but, it is also pivotal to execute that vision wisely and tactfully.

Never sell your idea to the team. This may end up creating a hostile environment.  Always pitch your idea so high that it is well caught by the best and worked upon. Develop your team, make their careers a success, encourage them, do their SWOT and incorporate in them the skills which you would want everyone to learn. Coach your team, counsel them and work towards its development.

At times it is important for a great boss to make its team accountable for what it has accomplished and what is it has foregone. Always acknowledge the good about your team. Make a big deal about it. Take that extra step to encourage the outstanding in them. Never ignore what the team’s needs and make them work selfishly for your personal growth, also known as the ‘toxic tandem’

Always protect and care for those who are working for you as their work is your success. Very often, you must have seen the dialect ‘People don’t quit the organizations, they quit bad bosses.’ Refrain from any such thing happening to you too.

Having listed the skills, it is also important to learn and imbibe them for a better version of ourselves. If we specifically refer to the Indian context, there will be some people who may prefer to learn these skills through online certification programs available on various platforms. While there will be some who would prefer hands-on training by enrolling or registering themselves in one of the best MBA colleges in India.  Skills such as teamwork, digital technology, communication, creativity, work ethics, leadership, interpersonal, time management, work management amongst others can be best learned in any graduation or post-graduation program as college is one place where you get to practice and comprehend what you learn. 

Ms. Richa Mehta

Assistant Professor, RDIAS


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