16 Aug

Delhi MBA Colleges – Key Takeaways & Advice


Delhi MBA Colleges - Key Takeaways & Advice

“Education is not just about gathering knowledge, but more so about learning how to think.” – Sandeep Maheshwari

Yes, this is right that education helps you to learn how to think. Education is an enlightening experience. Education will show you the importance of hard work and help you to grow and develop. Education will help you to interact with different people to exchange ideas, knowledge, and good practices. The experience that you will learn in your college life will offer you invaluable life lessons that you will cherish throughout your life. It will not only give you knowledge but also will help you to take the next step on your professional trial. For every student, college life revolves around friends, lectures, seminars and conferences, proxy, canteen, exams, fest, but a lot of experience is gained through all such things in the college which will give you great learning ahead. The future of work is changing rapidly. So to ensure survival in this dynamic world, you also have to grow with rapidly changing technology. Try to accept the latest innovations going around.

The level of satisfaction for all of you would be social relationships, resources and the educational environment, personal goals achieving, and extracurricular activities. The wealth of knowledge will serve you throughout your life. A college is probably a place where you will have lots of opportunities at one time. You will be prepared intellectually or socially. Each and every day you will learn something new which will enhance your growth and development.

With this note, let’s understand the key learning that you will get after spending the most precious years of life in your college, you will able to learn the following lessons:

Excellent Presentation:

You will learn to present yourself well as per the group you are into or the meeting that you will be taking. You will show your passion and connect yourself with others very well.

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking:

The fear of public speaking will get vanished and you will be confident and will able to communicate well with your peers. The anxiety of speech will fade away and you will express yourself confidently.

Build a Network:

You will able to build a network of peers and teachers who can help you in your future endeavors. They will guide you in your field of interest. It will create a win-win situation for you and your mentor.

Practical Approach:

Learning various topics through case studies will help you to take a practical approach in your business or job. You will be involved with the experiences of the work and implement according to the nature of the business or job.

Future Entrepreneur:

Simulation activities in the college help you to become a future entrepreneur which leads to changes in lifestyles, technology, communities, businesses, and policies.

Manage Finances easily:

You will learn to manage your finances, be it relating to spending or investing. Though take a look at your income and expenses and lower down the debts to live a happy and fulfilling life.

True Leader:

You will be a true leader in every aspect who is clear about all of your goals and objectives and how to achieve them.

Now, let’s look at the advice for the next generation who want to contribute well to the nation:

  1. The best advice for the upcoming generation is to choose their specialization very diligently as it will be going to define your professional success, be it in your own business or a corporate world. 
  2. Make the best use of Alumni Talks arranged by your college, which will continuously guide you regarding the requirements of a particular industry. 
  3. Try to take add-on courses (Skill Acquisition Courses) to enhance your skills and knowledge, so that you have an edge over others in the corporate. It will help you to negotiate as well. 
  4. Always make the best use of your mentors in the college who can guide you in every facet of your life.
  5. Take the internship seriously and try to indulge yourself in the true learning of the corporate culture. It will provide you with hands-on experiences.
  6. Try to build a network of great people, who can guide, motivate and even mentor you whenever you call them. This you can do by attending more social events like seminars, conferences.

Well spent precious years of your life in the top MBA and top BBA Colleges in Indiayou will cherish these learning and lessons throughout your life.

Ms. Bhawna
Assistant Professor, RDIAS

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