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Campus to Corporate: Make your transition smooth!!

Campus to Corporate Make your transition smooth

Campus to Corporate: Make your transition smooth!!

  1. Transition, an inevitable and dynamic process, happens at different stages in everyone’s life. From school to graduation, higher education, and job, it is a journey of continuous learning and growth. Every stage demands different behavior and attitude from the students and leaves them with at least one takeaway. 

Student life is considered the most carefree stage of one’s life in comparison to when one steps into the corporate world. Campus life and corporate life are fundamentally different from one another. Campus life operates in its own way; you get acquainted with the pattern of classes, examinations, events, etc which makes it a smooth ride for all of you. However, transitioning from campus to corporate requires more attention and planning. You cannot expect the campus’ pattern to replicate itself in the corporate world. 

As an aspiring manager, you need to acknowledge the fact that there lies a gap between academia and industry, which needs to be bridged. The corporate world is fast-paced, full of deadlines and schedules, demands you to be always on your toes. You might get to work in your dream job, earn money and spend it as you wish, but it also means that you will have to face more responsibilities and perform duties that come with that job. 

At first, it might definitely look up to be an uphill task, but with perseverance and the right skills, the transition will become a smooth ride for you. RDIAS, one of the best MBA colleges in Delhi, provides a unique system that makes your transition smooth from academics to corporate. With rigorous training programs in congruence with your academic curriculum, RDIAS ensures that you are industry-ready. 

It includes industry collaboration, live projects, internship opportunities, workshops, seminars, summits, guest lectures, etc. The institute also provides additional skills acquisition programs that let you hone your skills and make you ready to face the corporate world. The institute-industry interface is kept strong and robust to equip you with in-demand employability skills. 

These skills combined with correct planning can help in making your transition from campus life to corporate life a smooth one!

Placement season is on. You all must be anxious and nervous about your interviews and final placements. Once the journey starts, make sure it is worthwhile. 

Following tips might come in handy once you step into the corporate world!!

  1. Attitude: Right attitude will take you to the right places. The ultimate goal of working should be learning and growth. Do not forget to be always respectful towards your colleagues and superiors. 
  2. Flexibility: Learn to be flexible. Put forward your opinion, but do not be too rigid. 
  3. Profile, not package: Many graduates look for a “better package”, so much so that they end up doing a job that they do not even enjoy. One should always look for a profile that matches their competencies and skills rather than the attractive numbers!
  4. Passion: Be passionate about your work, about your job. The passion will drive you towards success. It will help you run the Corporate Marathon. 
  5. Be open to new things: Do not confine yourself. Be open to trying out new things. It might look scary initially, but you got this! You might discover your strengths while you are at it.
  6. Soft skills: Start working on your soft skills right from when you are studying. Read more, speak more, be active and confident. 
  7. Work ethics: While transitioning from a student to a working professional, you need to learn to develop good work ethics like meeting deadlines, being responsible, honest, and accountable. This will define your image in the organization.
  8. Deadlines: It is good to lead a disciplined life in general. Ensure that you meet your deadlines well on time and don’t take your work lightly.
  9. Continuous learning: Do some certifications of your interest and attend workshops. Keep learning, keep growing.
  10. Stress management: The biggest problem that a student faces in a corporate is the stress that accompanies that job. Adopt a hobby, practice yoga, and meditate to manage stress. Approach any situation with a calm mind. A stressful mind can get you into more trouble.
  11. Adapt: Be dynamic. Change yourself with the changing environment. With the prevailing cutthroat competition, it is important to continuously improve yourself.

All the best..!!

Ms. Sonali Arora
Assistant Professor, RDIAS

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