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Best MBA colleges in Delhi: Opportunities to grab live projects while doing MBA

Best MBA colleges in Delhi: Opportunities to grab live projects while doing MBA

When any student joins any management program at the post-graduate level in the best MBA colleges in Delhi, they are proposed to get in touch with related live projects. Yet, the majority of the students who signed up for MBA courses will be more in touch with their curriculum and not on internships, workshops, or seminars. Best MBA colleges in Delhi will consider this part important and empower and uphold their students to embrace and be important for live projects from the industry/corporate sector.

Chances of landing a lucrative career are obscured because of the demand-supply conundrum. B-schools are extending live projects to students to prepare them for the corporate sector.

Applying their management skills and knowledge in a real-time environment is the most helpful way for MBA students. It also allows them to recognize what their positions will be once they complete their educational program.

The significance of taking live projects: Live projects play a significant part in giving continuous management instruction to the students. During live projects, students are urged to identify the domain they need to work in and select a significant project. In addition to that, they get to meet working experts or associations and discuss with them the project. In the Best MBA colleges in Delhi, live tasks are considered tasks and students get marks for them. This is important as it helps the students during their job placements.

Here are some points to look for before starting any live project:

Students should carefully examine the job requirements. Is this the kind of work they want to do and learn? Check the duration of the program and how many hours they are expecting from students.

Can the student devote that kind of time? Having said all of that, it is extremely important for you that you, as a neophyte, should not participate in any live project that will not help you in the future. That’s why any company would like to hire you.

There are many great ways to grab live projects. These are:

  1. Meet Alums:Delhi MBA colleges help students reach out to the alumni of their respective colleges either directly or through an Alumni Cell / Club and hire MBA students for live projects.

Platforms such as InsideIIM, Internshala, and Dare2Complete come up all year round with live projects.

  1. Using LinkedIn:Emerging Companies always brings good live projects to the palette. Students need to be sure in which domain they need to undertake online projects.

3.InterIn: Students can be enrolled on this platform. There will be the possibility to choose which field of specialization they want to take on a live project.

4.DataIQ-School of Analysis: It is the world’s largest platform for live projects. Here, students can solve business problems and gain a competitive advantage.

  1. Super heuristic: Get live marketing and sales-related projects. All projects and internships are paid.

6.FinCore: This website offers live projects related to finance. This platform is specially designed for Gen Z enthusiasts.

  1. YUGMA: They provide live design projects that are real-time and curated to give students a practical approach to process design, modeling, and content creation that ultimately aligns with their solutions for corporate clients.
  2. Creative Soft: They offer MBA (Finance, HR, and Marketing) live projects to students who want to pursue any of the domains and gain experience during live projects.
  3. PlaceCom 2.0:Provide projects/live internships across all MBA domains such as strategy, marketing, HR, finance, operations, and product management.

Duration for all the live projects: 1 week to 1 month (can be expandable)

Will I be paid? It is a question that all new pursuers ask themselves.

This last component is dependent on the organization. Although many big firms will compensate students for their time, a few NGOs and new businesses will most likely be unable to do so, but they will provide valuable experience that will help students move up the career ladder.

“The adaptability of live projects permits understudies to acquire significant experience and fabricate areas of strength for their ongoing lives,” said Holroyd Pearce.


Ms. Sunakshi Mahajan

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