2 Nov


Above All Experience is the Best Teacher(1)


The Indian education system is still heavily subsidized by the government. There is no intrinsic necessity to work while studying to ensure one’s survival, however, only a few students prefer to earn while they learn. The reasons while students are not allowed to earn while there learn and study are numerous like working students are also seen as a disgrace by many Indian households signifying and passing on the message that the bread earner is unable to manage and sustain the family. In India, parents are very protective of their offspring. Allowing them to attend college is more of a social necessity than a required step in their professional development. Allowing them to work raises questions about a family’s financial situation. Furthermore, most students waste their parents’ money due to a lack of adult responsibility.

Students all across the world begin working while still in school, but this is not the case in India. The fundamental reason for this is a scarcity of part-time employment possibilities. Students are unable to devote 100% of their time to full-time work because they are already juggling coursework, projects, and exams. As a result, they can only think about part-time work for extra cash, which they are unable to obtain.

So what are we all waiting for students why not let us utilize and make productive use of the time available to us to groom our skills be it planning, controlling, designing, critical thinking, analyzing, etc. which at the end of the formal learning system will make us a stand apart from the rest, a more confident person equipped with much requisite skill by the time pass out of formal education system.

There are multiple advantages for students when they start earning and gaining experience while still enrolled in the formal learning system.

  • Students having good work experience are more likely to be successful in the job hunt.
  • If a person is not sure and is clueless the work experience is a great method to try all career options and choose anyone who inspires or appeals to you. It’s a method to try out a variety of occupations without committing to anything. You can put your toe in the water without fully immersing yourself.
  • It’s the most effective technique to obtain a feel for your chosen field. You will get the opportunity to interact with employees and ask them questions.
  • Work experience introduces you to the world of work in a gentle manner. You will learn the dos and don’ts of the workplace, as well as how to negotiate the jungle of office politics. It will also offer you an idea of the talents you may require to succeed in the profession.
  • It will assist you in identifying your abilities and may even suggest areas where you should focus your efforts. So, we won’t go all “Gap Yaaah” on you and tell you how it’ll “transform your world view, ” but it will offer you a decent grasp of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • It’s all about networking. It’ll help you make contacts, and you never know, they might give you a heads-up on a future job or refer you to another organization.
  • It allows you to apply what you’ve learned at university to solve and analyze real-world situations.

So what are we waiting for students even when they are enrolled in the top MBA college in India let’s open our wings and explore the unexplored and image the unattainable to be attained !!

Let’s utilize each second of our time more seriously and try to learn and acquire something every day, be it doing internships in free time, turning your hobby into a profession, starting a digital enterprise, teaching the underprivileged……. the list is endless but imagination is not!!!!

Assistant Professor, RDIAS

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