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7 awesome things you can learn from mba colleges in delhi NCR


7 awesome things you can learn from mba colleges in delhi NCR

Master of Business Administration called “MBA” is one of the most popular degree programs worldwide. This program inculcates a toolbox of not only quantitative skills but also soft skills that can be used by students in advancing their careers. This program teaches the future manager business language as well as leadership and a few other impressive skills. Let’s take a look at the skills we can develop by doing this course from the top 10 IP colleges for mba for achieving this global degree:

Strategic Thinking and Analysis: MBA tickles the analyst inside you. Critical thinking is the greatest trait that a management degree helps students master. The broad spectrum of subjects taught during the MBA allows students to analyze data and use it to solve broader business problems with it. This course will imbibe your acumen for foreseeing the situations which in turn helps to land good consultancy jobs or talent acquisition roles or top-level management positions.

Networking and Collaborations: Networking is one of the most impressive things an MBA degree gives you. The network that you develop with industry experts, peer groups, and alumni will help you in succeeding in your professional life. An MBA from top MBA colleges helps you master your network skills and become a competent contributor. Networking has its advantages, it helps you to establish strategic business alliances, diversify your product range, or even change the current business model by getting the right people on the board. Networking also helps make you the person of people. In the past, several examples have been seen where networking has helped individuals grab great jobs as they collaborated with the right people at the right time. So for all the people out there, it’s important to develop a good network during your MBA and nail the business world.

Dealing with high-pressure situations: MBA degree equips students with the ability to be calm even in stressful situations. Many experts agree that the MBA from top MBA colleges can help to develop the level of trust among students, making them a better version of themselves. With new tasks, assignments, and case studies aligned daily, the B-schools give students the exposure to the business ecosystem that helps them evolve as better managers. These tasks and assignments not only develop critical thinking skills but also give them insights into the solutions to various business problems. This, in turn, allows the future manager to have a 360-degree view of the stressful situation and deal with the skill and tactics needed.

Time management: One of the most important skills acquired during the MBA is time management. With a list of activities lined up on daily basis, a good school B teaches our new graduates how to manage their time well and keep up with the business world. While you are doing an MBA, you are exposed to a wide range of activities that are crucial for the completion of the course but at the same time, you need to schedule, organize and complete them keeping the deadlines in mind. So this is one of the key skills you need to acquire if you want to maintain a balance between working life and life in the years to come.

Leadership Competencies: MBA courses through a wide range of activities organized at the inter and intra-colleges levels help students improve their leadership skills also. It teaches students to adapt in a better way to different situations and trust their coworkers. It also teaches the skills to delegate the task effectively keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses of your team. This will only be possible if you are sufficiently competent.

Adaptability: As we all know, nothing is constant except change. With change comes the term adaptability. An MBA degree teaches you to be flexible and adaptable at the same time. As this pandemic has taught us, the business these days is very dynamic, constantly changing, and evolving. This pandemic posed a great challenge to large and small business houses to adapt to the ever-evolving business environment. With many new unicorns, adaptability is the key. With nearly 50 unicorn start-ups launched every year in India, the key reason for their success is to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Communication Skills: Last but not least, one of the few impressive things mentioned above, one of the most essential skills that each MBA degree has during the course, is communication skills. Because if you can deliver the right message with great efficiency, it means that you have got a place in the business world. A pitching for the business deals, negotiations, and contracts communication skills are of the utmost importance.



Author: Dr. Ruhee Mittal

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