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Tips for MBA PrePlacements – best mba colleges in delhi

Tips for MBA PrePlacements - best mba colleges in delhi

Campus Placements can probably be the most exhilarating and disquieting time for the B-School as this decides how an individual will progress in their career. Will you get a good job? Will your dream company visit campus? Are you prepared to show up your best version?

Ever since you decide to start with a Master’s degree from the Best MBA colleges in Delhi, you are most likely to have unceasing doubts in mind. While planning for the placement season sounds overpowering to many, you can expect it by beginning ahead of time.

Below are a few tips to prepare well

  1. Stand out with an effective resume

The content of a resume is something that recruiters are incredibly concerned about. Thus, guarantee yours is a page long and incorporates brief data about your education, abilities, certificates, and work insight. Once you prepare a draft, get this reviewed by your educators or seniors.

  1. Brush up your basics

Companies often conduct an aptitude test round before a face-to-face interview, to select prospective applicants to determine whether they can qualify for the final interview.

To ensure you qualify in this round, research common questions a company asks in an aptitude test like quant, logical reasoning, data interpretation, and so on.

  1. Prepare basic FAQs

There are a common set of questions that are usually asked in every interview. Collate a list of such interview questions and prepare unique responses. Some of these include:

  • Introduce yourself
  • What motivates you?
  • Describe yourself using three words
  • What are your Strengths/ Weaknesses?
  • How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  • Are you a team player?
  • Why should we hire you?

Likewise, remember to go through the business type and organizations you need to talk about. Ensure you know about the organization’s, set of experiences, administrations, contenders, difficulties, and USPs.

  1. Improve your group discussion skills

Group discussions are also likely to be part of your hiring process as a case with aptitude tests. Here, the recruiters need to assess how well you convey your thoughts, communicate, listen and find out if you are well-versed in the topic.

As there is a saying – Practise makes a man perfect, you need to rehearse day in and day out to perform well in this round. While being part of discussions, focus on :

  • Being confident while speaking
  • Being a good listener
  • Speaking clearly and to the point
  • Reading about current affairs
  1. Work on Your soft skills

Since this is an MBA campus placement drive, almost every candidate applying for the job is bound to have a similar resume – the same degree and certifications. So, how do you stand out? Your answer to this question can be – Soft Skills.

These traits are the ones that determine how good you are with stress management, how well you work within a team, whether you can communicate effectively, time management, and others. While you are attempting to be an expert when it comes to your domain, you must work on your interpersonal skills.


There you go- note-worthy tips that will assist you with acing the placement season at the best MBA colleges in Delhi. Thus, start now, practice routinely, and we are sure you will get selected by one of the leading organizations. All the best!


Dr. Tanuja Saroha

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