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  ***  Welcome to Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies   NAAC Accredited 'A' Grade Institute RDIAS is going to Organize National Workshop on "Recent Trends in Materials Science: Experimental and Computational Aspects" on 26th-27thApril, 2013.  

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“Recent Trends in Materials Science: Experimental and Computational Aspects”

Aim of the Workshop

  • The field of materials science and technology is very vast. All the developments of the today?s life as well as technology depend upon the emerging of new materials with multifunctionalities. The development in the field of materials depends upon advanced techniques emerged to develop/synthesize/characterize new multipurpose materials as well as the understanding of properties and characteristics using appropriate theoretical/computational methods.

  • Computational tools complement experiments in two ways: (i) to explain the experimental results and to give the answer ?WHY?, (ii) in most of the cases computational tools show the pathway to predict the properties as an extrapolation or effect of the parameters which are difficult to maintain in lab environment. In all, both experiments and computational tools are complementary to each other.

  • The aim of the workshop is to bring together the people who do materials research from the experimental point of view as well as the theoretical/computational/simulation point of view. The history has proved that both the approaches of doing research are complementary to each other and should join hands with each other for faster, economic and valuable outcome of the research work. The workshop will give a platform to both the categories of researchers to share their experience and to find a partner from each other?s area to join hands.

  • Through the workshop, the knowledge of experts in the field of material science will be imparted to young students, so that the students can understand the importance of the specific field and they can be motivated to adopt this field as a research career. The series of the workshop will be designed especially for the M.Sc. and M.Tech students who are thinking to go in the field of research in their future career, but they are not sure, which way to go as far as materials sciences/research are concerned.

  • Through this workshop Rukmini Devi Centre for Excellence in Computational Nanotechnology will identify few youngsters who would like to pursue research in computational material science and computational nanotechnology and will train them and assist for deciding their field of research.


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